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Las Vegas Weight Loss Coach, Henderson Weight Loss Coach, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Supplements

 10 Reasons to work with Coach Michelle! 

  1. Results – NASM, Stanford Online and the University of Arizona has given me the tools to get you results (BA, CNC, CPT CERTIFICATIONS).
  2. Sincerity – Everything I teach, I follow. I believe we need to teach in a Genuine Manner.
  3. Pride – I will give you 100%, I expect 100% in return I am going to celebrate your success!
  4. Experience – Since 2014 I have been coaching people all over the Country. Every year I learn something new to add to my education and training.
  5. Value -Value is added to each program. I will not oversell for the sake of a bank account, nor will I ever sell you something I don’t believe in.
  6. Wide Scope of Knowledge – Organics? Vegan? Bio-Identical Hormones? Keto? Yes! My scope of knowledge allows me to work with any type of diet.
  7. Comprehensive- I offer select Blood Panel Interpretation! Oftentimes our Deficiencies, Weight stalls or complaints can be hidden in our bloodwork.
  8. Guidance – My goal is to provide you the guidance you need to be confident in your wellness, weight management and nutritional choices.
  9. Accountability – We don’t always get along with our Coach (remember High School?) I will hold you accountable for your progress while keeping you on track to look and feel your best.
  10. Education – I proudly offer you the knowledge & training I’ve gained through NASM, The University of Arizona, N.B.M, and Life Extension.

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