The ORIGINAL Magnetic Eyelashes

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 Introducing The Ultimate in Magnetic Eyelashes 

Tori Belle Cosmetics are easy to apply, long wearing and travel-ready. They are designed to make everyone feel capable and beautiful - with an eye toward innovation, ease of use and versatility. All Tori Belle Cosmetics are designed with high quality ingredients that are hypoallergenic, sustainable, beautiful and luxurious.

Purchase the "OG" of Magnetic Eyelashes from the original creator of Magnetic Eyeliner AND Mascara! Look totally glam in less than 5 minutes with practically zero effort!

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Not sure what color will be best for you? Take a look at these guides to choose your look.

If you're new to lashes, you may not know that glue can adhere to your real lashes and overtime rip and thin them out. With the magnetics, this is never an issue, they're with you all day & night, all loyalty - no surprises, but remove with no trouble at all when you're ready to call it a day, and your eyelashes stay safe.

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