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8 Reasons to work with Coach Kris!

  1. Results - I will give you 100%, in return I expect 100%. I want everyone to enjoy a healthy, fitness lifestyle.
  2. Assurance - I will always be sincere with you. I live by a high set of personal values for my family!
  3. Pride - nothing better than a random compliment from a stranger. Pride is a powerful motivator, I am going to parade your success.
  4. Education - Degrees in Business Management, MBA in Human Resources, Certifications in the Fitness World, and I'm always working on more. I will share all of it with you!
  5. Experience - this is my second time earning my Training Certification. I've been helping people for over 15 years in Health and Fitness (when I wasn't in the office)
  6. Commitment - 100% for 100% your urgency is my urgency. If we are doing something that isn't providing results, we will get to work immediately on getting you to your goal.
  7. Success - One of my biggest wins was getting a personal friend with Type II Diabetes off his blood pressure meds. We did this through a systemized exercise approach that relieved the pressure on his body. 
  8. Fun - although my wife calls it "annoying" I can usually find fun in any environment, yeah I'm that guy. I'm going to be sincere, push you, but not like a drill sergeant. Exercise needs to be fun and enjoyable or no one would do it!

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I am not a run-of-the-mill gym employee coach. My services are comprehensive, and I carry my own supplement line to accelerate your goals. Every client will receive 20% off all our Supplements, plus updated macros to ensure we are getting you the nutrition needed to support your new Muscles!

Bodybuilding Trainer, Strength Trainer, Las Vegas, Henderson, Nevada 

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Las Vegas, Henderson, Nevada

 Las Vegas Personal Trainer, Henderson, Body Building Las Vegas, Henderson, Nevada, Fitness, Supplements
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