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May 2015 

Project description

First Client Review

"Melany Johnson
May 22 at 10:07pm · Westwood, CA
Today, I met with my cardiologist, blood results, etc... Good news! With the help from Michelle Cooper, my triglyceride level has gone down from over 600 to 325. My bad cholesterol has gone down to 50. I've lost 7 lbs since I last saw him. He says 7 is like 14, since I didn't gain. He asked what's different...(I've been seeing my cardiologist for 14 years & my progress has never been so significant). So, I attribute that to working with Michelle. He was so impressed he wanted her name and contact...to refer other patients! I've been doing a step aerobics class weekly and walking. And of course following my new nutrition plan. Thank you, thank you! I am so happy, looking forward to my next check up in October. Michelle, you are a blessing!"


T.V. (Client from 2019-2021)

Michelle has been amazing helping me with all my health problems. I came to her a few years ago with depression and debilitating fatigue. I had gone to see my doctor with these symptoms and-typical of a doctor she said 'there is nothing wrong with you'. I showed Michelle the same lab results I showed my doctor and Michelle could see immediately what was wrong. She started me on a supplement routine and helped me learn what foods and meal plan works for me. I have lost weight and have more energy. Michelle is incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated and caring. Whether I had a quick question about a particular supplement or needed in depth discussion about lab results I am extremely grateful for all the help Michelle has given me.


ALEXIS W (Client from 2020-CURRENT)

My First Session with Michelle was Via By Phone appt and during Last Year I want to say around June 2020 I was In Chronic Pain and we was all in Early Stages of The Pandemic on a Shut Down and I Was Super Nervous of Going to the Hospital I Didn't Know -Did I Have Covid-19 and or what was my Symptoms?  I Didn’t know and to be Honest I was so Upset I Didn't want to know. 

Something told me to Reach out the Natural market at the Time Michelle worked there and she Answered the Phone I was lucky enough to Get Scheduled for an appt from there I told her how much Chronic Pain I Had.

We Discussed the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. MS. Lupus. We weren't Sure what Was my Condition was at the time. Michelle Discussed Details she Told me to Request Specific Testing by Primary Care I told her I Didn't want get on Lockdown I was in Tears Michelle Told me you will not be on lock Down go to Primary care we got to Find out so They Can treat you and so we can come up with a Nutritional Plan.

 Michelle Gave me the Confidence no matter how Nervous I was to go to Primary care and Get tested and long story made Short I Was Diagnose with SLE Lupus and Kidney involvement and Michelle Has Help me to Come up with Nutritional Plan that work for me and work well with my Meds as well. I went from 220 weight to 147 with all the Changes Michelle suggest for me to Do. Along with Loss of Weight. My Skin and Hair Quality is so much Better. I will always Suggest Michelle’s Nutritional Coaching You will Be In Good Hands Plus Have a lot of Fun. She Amazing.

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