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"Threes Company"


 Each package is designed to encompass what you feel you will need from the program. At any time you can request an upgrade if you feel a higher package will better suit your needs.

Book Your Complimentary Session now! 

-Group Sessions- (Three's Company)

Do you & your friends want to lose weight together? Help each other out - it's better with friends!

($100 per person- 3 month commitment required 3-5 people- paid monthly)

  • This is a group rate for the essentials package, yielding a savings of $180-$300 depending on group size, (each member saves $60)
  •  Focusing on the essentials of your food intake regardless of your diet choice or goal - be it weight management or overall nutrition, this is a great place to begin if you do not desire a fitness program and already have a regular supplement regimen.

    • Caloric/Macro Assignment based on goals
    • Weekly food journal analysis/Weigh in
    • Dietary guidance, Resources, Accountability
    • Monthly Wellness Newsletter
    • 1 monthly virtual or phone follow up - your choice (Groups meet as a group and need to schedule a meeting day/evening that works for everyone). 
    • Daily chat access through MY-PT hub
    • Blood lab suggestion & interpretation if needed **see below**
    • Referrals if needed
    • 20% Discount on all K&M/TSS Supplements

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**Blood labs are an extra expense and not included in the program. You ultimately decide whether or not you have these tests performed. My referral is a courtesy service based on knowledge and training, blood values can provide valuable insight on other contributing factors that may be stalling your progress or causing certain complaints. Some findings may require referral to a physician or other specialist at your accord.


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