Pre-Workout Nootropic Citrulline Zero Sugar Pink Lemonade

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NEW From The Supplement Syndicate

Pre-workout Nootropic Power and Focus Blend - Pink Lemonade

Massive Muscle Pumps, Laser Focus, Decreased Muscle Fatigue

This blend contains some of the best ingredients for your workout!

Each Scoop Contains:

  • 6g Citrulline It has been shown in several research studies that healthy adults who started taking L-citrulline saw an increase in exercise capacity. This is due to its ability to utilize your oxygen better which boosts your workout and endurance ability.
  • Agmatine and Taurine help complete the NitricOxide Blend - Nitric oxide plays an important role in regulating blood flow. Since higher levels of L-Citrulline have been shown to increase Nitric Oxide levels, we see a positive correlation between L-Citrulline and the increase of blood flow throughout the body.
  • Beta-Alanine and Creatine both help promote an increased exercise capacity which results in improved strength and decreases muscle fatigue.
  • CholineCholine is converted into a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which helps muscles to contract, activates pain responses, and plays a role in brain functions of memory and thinking.
  • Caffeine - 358mg per scoop from Green Coffee Beans
  • ZERO SUGAR - that's right, zero sugar!

This blend gives you an amazing, rock-hard muscle pump while keeping you focused on your workout. 

This is an incredible Pre-workout for Men or Women.

Warning: This is extremely potent. You may want to start off with a half scoop to check your tolerance to high stimulants.