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Professional Yoga Ring 


Foot / Calf Massage: Take a step forward and step into the yoga ring, press the ring down to relax your foot; Place the convex side of the yoga ring, straighten the legs naturally, let the calves touch each other concave surface, it will relax your legs.
Pelvic Waist Massage: Put a convex yoga ring on the waist and put a concave ring on the hips, lift the leg - lower the legs to relax the pelvis and waist.
Shoulder Massage: Place the yoga ring under the armpits with the concave side facing up, shaking the body to the left, and massage the shoulder.
Abdominal Massage: Straighten your feet and place the concave surface of the ring under your abdomen. Shake your body use your own body weight to massage your left and right and abdominal muscles.
Back Massage: Put the 2 yoga rings vertically in contact with the shoulder blades, convex face up, open your arms - raise up - go backward, alternately repeat the actions.
Head Neck Massage: The head touches the convex surface of the yoga ring, shake it left and right to relax the head yoga ring and gently press down, head down - head up, repeat the movements to massage the neck.
Back Shaping: Extend your arms back and put your palms on the yoga ring until the wrist and ring stop touching, pull the palms outward and squeeze the back shoulder blades, stretch your neck slowly left or right.

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